So the last couple days/weeks have been a challenge for me. My life has seems to be in complete chaos, internally and externally and i just realized why! It is awesome and i would love to share it. The very short story is that my charkas are totally out of wacke! Completely unbalanced! Before i give a bit more detail I’m gonna give a tiny rundown of chakras.

We are currently using 7 chakras. The first 3 deal with “self” in the physical world. Grounding, sexuality, personality… these deal with they external you. The top 3 deal with self in the “spirit world”, whatever you imagine that to be. Expression, intuition, psychic stuff, i like to call this the “real you”, the self realized nonexistent you. In the middle, the 4th charka is the heart charka! Yippy, love and the heart is where we find the balance between these 2 worlds! 🙂

So yeah, i am in a place where i am exploring all types of spirituality I am working with blending new age spirituality (charkas, reiki, astrology… all of which is also “old age”) with old age ego stuff (and i mean everything. I am into Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Shiva (tantra), Mayans, Greek Mythology, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Shamanism, and new stuff like Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Cohen. The books i am amassing is crazy!) In general, i find that i am drawn to the new agey stuff as my meditative practice and the old agey knowledge stuff as my life practice. And by new agey, it isn’t at all… many yogic and Buddhist traditions do types of chakra balancing. It become new agey when you add pretty music and colors, and swirly pools of light… and even that still is old agey… Tibetan singing bowls are tuned to notes that resonate with specific chakras, ect…

Anyway, so yeah, I am going through some heart break while doing all this hippy dippy spiritual stuff while at the same time feeding my brain with some the of the deepest philosophical/spiritual knowledge in existence. Of course i am going crazy! And it is mostly because my chakras are totally unbalanced!

My top 3 are fucking wide open and driving me mad! I can’t stop talking and spewing my thoughts about life and existence and my feeling over this breakup (over active 5th – Throat Chakra). I am getting these crazy “psychic premonitions” about my life which may or may not be true but in reality they haven’t and aren’t happening NOW so they don’t really matter. They could just be crazy stories (over active 6th – Third Eye Chakra). And then my first 3, my self in this physical world. I don’t know where she is! She’s running around like a chicken with her head cut off… and really, part of this person is dying… a mini “ego death” of sorts. How can she not be while experiencing heart break and reading all these deep philosophies on love and self! Which brings me to my heart chakra in the middle, jesus christ it like it’s in a vise grip! One minute it feels so large and expansive, as big and the universe and then like a hour later it feels like a tight ball, like right before the big bang! I don’t know if it is open or closed… i don’t think it knows either!

Anyway, yay, i feel relieved… i KNOW with 100% certainly that all i need to do to get back to normal is sit on a pillow, listen to some pretty music, and imagine colorful swirly pools of energy and light for 20 mins a day.. heck, even 10 mins a day is enough to start!

In fact, if your interested i’d like to recommend a great, short, simple book i picked up last year. I just realize today how much it effected me! Awesome! It is called

Charkas for Beginners: A Guide to Balancing Your Chakra Energies by David Pond

It’s used on Amazon for $2.99!

wow, i feel much better!

Luv & Light,

oh, p.s. I just realized that a year ago at this time i had never heard of a chakra… strange… 🙂