I was walking sam and i had a moment of inspiration.  I just realized how ridiculous it is that i stress over the things i stress about.  I wrote this…

U make me laugh

U make me cry

U make me wanna live

U make me wanna die


The insanity and comedy of this situation

makes me laugh and realize how ridiculous I am.

Right now, I should be more than thankful

I’m not a hatian


U make me dream

U let me fly

Did I mention

U make me cry?


Life is never as it seems when we take that first glance

We can’t possibly comprehend the depth of our minds.

I say fuck it, let’s just go dance!


One more, poetry is a new thing of mine.  usually my poems are childish and Dr. Suessy like the one above.  This one I wrote a few months ago.  Not really as Dr. Suessy:

A DAY IN THE LIFE – 9.16.09

I wake in the night to that bright blue light

The eye of a butterfly beckoning my to fly away


I turn to the clock, four ones standing at attention

Mocking me, forcing me to make a connection


Different version of the same dream, again, again, and again

I can’t awaken until I accept what is


The spider climbs up the curtain testing my beliefs in the past

Shame and sadness as I watch him go down the drain


The headlines read death, rape, murder, it’s sadness

The pictures show a child, a kiss, a loving family, it’s joy


Which world do I live in, do I have a choice?

A beautiful mind, why do you create so much angst


Silence, calm, a soothing song

I fill the rainbow from the root to the crown


Your status update denotes your experience

Do you know what I know?  Do you see what I see?  Can you feel what I feel?



Your husband just bought you a new garbage disposal.  Good for you

You had to eat early to get the kids to soccer practice on time.  Good for you

I am experiencing a connection to all things that don’t exist.  Good for me?

Could you understand?  No.  Maybe I would rather have a new garbage disposal.

The motor in mine is dead.


miscommunication, I ride the silver bullet throughout the town

fingers hit the keyboard

ride the silver bullet throughout the town


I lie on the floor

The bass rips through me

Body, mind, soul vibrates


Start slowly, engage, enjoy, begin to shine

Begin to soar

Lungs hurt, regret sets in

restart slowly, engage, enjoy, begin to shine

Begin to soar


A beautiful mind, so much more without thought


I lie on the floor

The sun shines down upon my face

My body makes indents in the sand

A hand pulls me up to the sky and I fly away


Without a blue light, without a butterfly

Without the mocking ones

Only music and love