So much to blog about!  I’ll keep it simple tho.  Today is a new start for me!  I decided last night before i went to bed.  Here is what is new:

1) I am kicking a bad habit… and not kicking it all together but just re-evaluating the bad habit.  You may want details but i’m not gonna give them!

2) Today is a certain someone’s birthday and i sent her a quick e-mail but that was the last one.  I have sent 3 since we decided not to speak.  One on Vday (just a general Happy Vday, nothing deep).  One a few days later that was pretty long but in it i said everything i would ever need to day, and then today i sent a happy b-day e-mail…  it was just like a v-day one.  Short and to the point… anyway, the point is, no mas… movin’ on… i expressed what i needed to and when she is ready to reach out she will.

3) OMG i am SO fricken excited about 3… It deserves a little back story:

Feb 13th i attended a workshop at this Buddhist temple called “Love vs Attachment”.  It was awesome.  I loved the people at this place as well so i deiced to go back the following monday for the general public Dharma talk given by resident monk.  We did this awesome meditation on giving and in part we imagined ourselves as “a jewel of light radiating pure joy to all those around”.  I found myself distracted from the meditation (among other things, i had to pee super bad AND i had kept coughing, something was blocking my throat chakra) and began just watching the monk mediate.  As i did so the most amazing thing happened!  I had heard others who have witness enlightened Beings speak of it but i never experienced it first hand.  As i watch him he began to radiate pure light!  It was almost (but not really) blinding!  I couldn’t really see anything else in the room except light, like the rays of the sun, with him just chillin’ in the middle of it all!  Further more, his body started to morph in front of my eyes!  I have kind of experienced this before, at the enlightenment retreats i go to.  Basically the theory is that is you look at someone long enough, without thought, you being to see them for who the truly are.  When this happens his/her face can start to shift in to the face of others that he/she has been a past life.  It is totally trippy.  Anyway, in this case, the monk kind of morphed into Buddha!  I saw his true “Buddha nature”… amazing!

It became clear to me that i have officially found what i’ve been looking for!  One of my mentors once told me that if you (universal you) are meant to have a specific spiritual teacher/guru you will know it and they will find you.  This is def what happened for me.  So… tis brings me to my 3rd new start thing:

I am starting this Foundation Program at this Kadampa Buddhist temple taught my my light radiating monk!  It’s description is below:

The Foundation Program is for those who wish to deepen their understanding and experience of Buddhism through systematic study and practice. FP students make a commitment to attend classes and one group meditation per week.

Anyway, it meets twice a week and i am super excited!  I know it is going to have a profound impact on me!  The books we are studying now is called “Understanding the Mind:  The Nature and Power of the Mind”.

So far it is REALLY good!

The cool part is i decided today was going to be a new start yesterday but I had a feeling it would be reflected in numeroology when i looked at the dates.  It was!  Today is a universal 11 day and a personal 1 day for me!  Yippy!