I feel like posting this today!  I wrote it in sept:

SPEAK IN BLUE  9.19.09

sweet vino swirling through my veins
the gift of shiva creates a cloud above my crown

the fifth
the blue swirling vortex of light
what do you want to express?

discovery of a voice
one that was always there
but now everything comes from it
i have no other choice

“Every question, every answer too”
“Love, save the empty”

stolen words of truth
“Are we human or are we dancers?”

highs and lows fusing into to a smooth horizon
words laced with sadness, pain, angst, fear, shame, regret
is that was wants to be shared

the dish and the spoon, you wanna jump over the moon?
“Not In My Backyard, Utensils! Go Back To China!”

One day i will speak
and words I share will seep to your core
your experience from the past will be only a glimpse of a life you once knew