Eeek, 2 posts in 1 day!  Both were typed previously tho so i guess it’s ok.  A poem i wrote in January.  Don’t know why i want to share it today!  😉

GONE – 01.04.10

I always knew U were honest but never felt u were true
Maybe in what said but never in what u would do

Every word u said feels like it was a lie
For the most part I feel like u didn’t even try

U said u would tell me anything but u never would freely
I had pull ur thoughts from u in order to know how u were feeling

Ur so nonchalant with ur feelings, I wonder if u have emotions
I wear my feeling on my sleeve, my tears are my closest connection to the ocean

More than once u made assumptions about who I am and who I will be
But no body knows me at all, that I couldn’t make u see

I have ashes on my lashes
Left over from the explosion of heart

I’m stuck knowing that I can’t share my waking dream with you, I guess I knew I couldn’t from the start
U don’t want to walk my path with me
The path of the heart

Body, mind, and soul is what I was prepared to share with u
True intimacy and connection, a union between two
Intimacy on a level i feel is reserved for very few

But now that feeling is gone
I know I can never get it back
And the loss of the connect I was ready experience
I need to leave on the corner, packaged in a red velvet sack

And I’m as sad for u as I am for me, maybe more in fact
Because even tho I will love u forever
I am gone now and u can never have me back

And if that doesn’t make u cry then u must not have heart
At least not one u shared with me, you must have hid it from the start.


I feel like i “get this” more than i did when i wrote it.  Going on a date tonight and i am REALLY excited.

It’s a Brand new day.  The sun is shining, it’s a brand new day.  For the first time in such i a long time, i know, i’ll be ok!  – Joshua Radin