I tried typing this last night but it somehow I lost it so I’ll try again.  I am going to blog about each day that I am here!

This celebration revolves, in part, around the Mayan seven cycles of creation.  Seven days, seven cycles.  The first cycles is Sowing, as in sowing seeds.  The first exercise we did was to sow our intention for the week by writing in some journals we received.  It was pretty awesome because soon after we started writing it began raining, then raining harder, and the it became a full downpour.  It was very timely and symbolic.  Mother earth was watering our seeds!

Here’s what my intentions for the week are.  The exercise was just to write without thought so this is very well thought out:

What am I planting?

Just Love!  It’s so simple.  I could list so much more.  I want to love myself more and i want to find another to love… i do… and i want to love all others.

And, i want to become more silent…  I want to wash away all that is holding me back (*** seriously, as soon as i wrote this line it started pouring***).  Def all my shit with O but I also want to release my discontent with my life.

I want more joy at work.  Just fucking chill Lynn!  Slow down!  There is plenty of time to do it all, and you will!

Let the rain come down and wash away my fear


I want to RECEIVE love… I don’t want to be afraid to be loved anymore.  I deserve it.  It is what I AM.


So yeah, those are my intention and i def feel like i will manifest them this week!  awesome!

Also, obv I’m taking a shit load of pics.  Internet is slow but i am going to try to upload a few a day, ideal 3… the triad…  The 1st one is one of the islands from the plane… 2nd one is the Moon Room (where most of the dancing/healing/classes take place) and the 3rd is also in the Moon Room, and dancer!  😉