Ok, i got really behind in blogging about my trip.   I was going to try and catch up in one blog but i started typing on the plane and I am already at 10 pages!  To spare you i am gonna stick with one post a day.  So, i left of on day 3.  Here we go!

Day 3 = Sprouting

I guess sprouting in pretty self explanatory.  This is the cycle were we begin to sprout.  Our hand out describes it as follows:

“By way of divine creativity, our intentions have now taken shape.  As the infant sprout begins to crack and discard it’s protective husk, it is no longer the seed but a new life, the earliest physical manifestation of the universe’s answer to our prayer”

This is also the birth of of the 2nd chakra.  This chakra is focused around creativity and sexuality.  The day was focused around Shamantra, the creation of Saffire.  It’s is hard to explain but it is basically healing through sound and movement.  I woke up and went to this cliff to mediate and as i sat there it started raining.  I was like “it’s all good, it will pass, i’ll just sit through it”   Then it started raining harder and harder.  Eventually i gave up on my meditation and walked back to my cabin.  As all the days, it started with a Nia 5 stages class.  I don’t think i have explain this before.  Nia 5 stages is an awesome practice that takes us through the human stages of development.  It basically reminds us how to do things we forgot.  The stages are embryonic (rolling on the floor), creeping (pretty much dragging yourself across the floor with your arms), crawling, standing, and walking.

I can remember exactly what the trigger was but this class ended up being fairly emotional for me so when the 1st shamantra session started i wasn’t in the best mood.   I was hoping i had gotten all of my emotional shit out the day before and i was annoyed that i still had tears left.  In the 1st exercise Saffire pulled out an ball of chi energy from the room and it was passed around a circle too each of us.  Once we had the ball of chi (energy) we had to let it move through us and then pass it to the next person.  I was not in the mood for this.  When the “ball of energy” got to me i felt like nothing, just a pretend ball of air.  I also didn’t really feel like moving or “faking it” and pretending i felt energy that i didn’t so when it came to me i just kind of held it, and then tossed it on… I found out later that Saffire that it was me “having an attitude” but to me it was more me being authentic.  I didn’t feel the energy and i want going to pretend.  Then we had to do it a 2nd time.  The whole time we were encouraged to express things vocally (but without words) so when the ball came to me i just started speaking jibberish.  In my non-words i was saying “this is totally fucking stupid, i don’t feel shit and i don’t want to waste my time doing this”.  Then i passed the ball on and i realized that that was kinda fun.  This is when the day (and the week kinda turned around).

The rest of the day was amazing.  We did a bunch more shamantra type stuff (acting out vocally and in movement 1) how others perceive us in the world and 2) how we want to be perceived.  We also did some vocal “drum circles” where everyone picked a sound.  When all 12ish of us were making different sounds it def sounding like music and it was awesome.

The day ended with a Nia class taught by Liz and it was AMAZING.  I was “in the zone”, a dancing machine… all over the floor…  it was awesome.  After class everyone was totally happy happy joy joy so a bunch of us took a naked swim before dinner (did i mention the place is pretty much clothing optional except at the dining place… in general tho, nudity is pretty much limited to the pool area.)

k, that’s pretty much it for day 3, i def “sprouted” by lunch!  😉  Pic i took that day:

top: a pretty glower

mid: a couple of saffire’s drums

bot: the alter