i have had some stuff brewing. These just popped a few moments ago. Each accompanied by a pic i took on my iphone over the weekend.

Your Face – 3.29.10

i see your face again
it is the same face i have loved before

something is different this time around
maybe this time the smile will stay

maybe this time the face won’t change
and become something i can’t recognize

maybe this time the face i have loved before
will be the same face i love forevermore

Tiptoe through the Tulips –  3.29.10

sun shining, windows down
we smile at each other
love is blossoming all around

i grab your hand and sing to you a sweet song
when music is playing we can never go wrong

i lean over and gently kiss your lips
and we continue on
tiptoeing through the tulips

Broken Down Palace – 3.29.10

broken down palace
you used to be so strong
now your outer structure appears tired and worn

i peered through the tiny hole in your boarded up windows

inside saw i saw beautiful hard wood floors
floors that once held the strength of the mighty oak they were crafted from

inside i saw a majestic winding staircase
a staircase to the heavens

although you were cover with dirt, grime, and dust
worn by time an neglect
i saw your beauty

someday someone will tear the boards down from your windows
someday light will shine upon you again
then all will see your stength and majestic beauty