This is a super fast version of an experience i had last night.  Hope to write more this weekend, tons of work to do today!

So I’ve been working on balancing my yin and yang.  I totally am imbalanced.  Way more yang that i need and not enough yin as i want.   The trip in Hawaii was all about “the embodiment of yin and yang” and that is precisely why i went… to find my yin…

Got back last week, def set things in motion but didn’t know what.  Last night i went to listen to this chick sing… i didn’t totally dig it but i had a pretty awesome experience anyway.  This was the performer:

Basically she practices Kundalini yoga and is a musician… i guess one would call her a “new age” musician but she def likes to be a “spiritual teacher” as well.  Like i said, i didn’t really dig the music.   It’s a lot of “I am the light of God” type stuff and for what ever reason it felt too churchy to me.  My cool experience came when they were chanting in non-english… not sure the language, Sanskrit?  Anyway, i’ll skip a head.

During one of the songs i just went into a mediation and just let the music take me away.   I stated gently rocking/spinning (Kundalini energy) but at one point in time my body was pushed over to my right and it held there for almost the whole song, maybe like 4 mins.  It felt like i was leaning way to my right but i bet it was only like a 10 degree angle… why was i leaning to the right you ask?  Well, there was some MAJOR energy moving on my left side… my yin side!  My whole left side was just radiating, circulating energy…  It felt awesome!  I tried to figure out if it seemed like energy was moving out or moving in but i couldn’t tell, i think it was just circling, root to crown… it felt awesome and i knew it was def some sort of yin release/healing… the song ended and for the rest of the songs, when i was in mediation my body stayed straight as a pin… my back and spine felt SO long and stretched… Like each vertebrata was just floating above the one below..  It was cool…

Anyway, so yeah, i can’t pin point exactly what was “healed” but i def feel different today…. better… more comfortable… i think the healing had something to do with my sexuality but i can’t be certain.  ultimately it doesn’t matter because what ever happened is a good thing!  I do know that i have a hot date with a beautiful girl tonight and i am really excited!  😉

oh, on a side note… I need to take a Kundalini Yoga class… this is not the 1st time i have have expereinces with Kundalini Yoga.  I actually met a girl who teaches oin Cap hill… need to get on that… the class, not the girl 😉