Uggg, i am happy.  I am totally falling in love again and it is awesome!  Part of my brain is telling me it’s too soon.  It’s not possible to feel this love for someone i haven’t known very long.  Then i think more and i realize that is it so OK and i am lucky.  I have done A LOT of work with this concept of love over the past year and i just think my heart is really open.   And so is the other persons.  And more importantly, i am really being fearless with this.  Sinking in and falling into bliss.  We were both looking for a short term rebound and found something so much more awesome.  The BEST part is neither has any expectation about this love being a “long term relationship” or “the one” or whatever.  It takes SO much pressure off.  We are both just living in the now and embracing what we have found.  Awesome!  Yay!

Sooo, the million dollar question i’m sure you all want to know.  It is a boy or a girl… hmmm, shoudl i tell?  ok, it’s a girl!   eeek, i think i am offically in my 1st real “lesbian relationship”.   Life is so strange and unexpected!