I wrote this back in september and was reminded of it today.  At the time was studying the enneagram, which is a personality typing system based on ancient Sufi wisdom. My personality type is a 3, “The Achiever”. Also, i follow numerology pretty closely and 3 is the number of creativity… i actually just entered a 3 cycle so the next 9 years of my life should be marked by creativity. Yay!

The Yin in Me – Out of Focus
Fremont Outdoor Theater

Me, Three

hello, I’m a three
would you like to get to know me?

I’m a dancer, drummer, photographer, poet
creating my own reality as I know it

I’m a three

in numerology
it’s the number of creativity
11, 22, 33
holy triad!
add them all up and what do you get?

the Book of Secrets holds a key
to me

Shiva was represented by three

another trinity

Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu
death, creation, sustenance
death, love, meditation
one, two, three

Buddah, Jesus, Divine Feminie
The Mayans
right here, right now, here on planet earth

three, that’s me
body mind spirit
it just took thirty
three zero
years to know it!

can you be open to a possibility?
this is my reality
all is one
I am you and you are me
hey, that means you’re also a three!
yay, come on over
let’s express some creativity!

but before you do
I’ll tell you a secret
you just have to promise you’ll keep it

sometimes it ain’t easy
in fact, sometimes it really sucks
being you
which is me
a three

but be open to the possibility
sit beside on on this rollarcoaster, it’s free

I’ll take you for a ride
up and out to the cosmos
into a black hole and beyond
we’ll get sucked into the vortex
and in the middle you will see
me, a three

something so obvious, so simple, and yet profound
but the moment you get a minuscule taste it will be time to turn around

back down the pyramid
and up and out of the vortex
back to the reality of what most people see
when they look at me
a three

smart, funny, charming, an achiever
spirited, lovable, a born leader
I can drowned in the ocean and come out alive
that makes me tough

then how is it possible that i often don’t feel like enough?
that’s what you don’t see
that is also part of me
the dark part of my three

but not for long
i will no longer live in fear
i will trust in me
my three

i will listen to my elders
from each on i will get a key
and i will kill the ego
that creates the dark part of my three

and then what will you see when you look at me?

the truth
Divine Feminine
right here, right now, here on planet earth

you’ll see a dancer, a drummer, a photographer, a poet
creating my reality as I know it

and in my light you will see
you are me, we are all a three
we all can achieve
trust me and you will see
all we have to do is just BE
you and me, we just have be BE
a three!

Here’s a great site on the enneagram for more info.