To my love, wherever you are:

The Island 4.20.10

here I sit
on this island of fear

raft docked next me
mainland in the distance
home in sight, within my reach
nothing to fear?

questions without answers

what if my raft springs a leak?
what if it cant hold me?
what if the winds of fear sweep in
when I am half way across the ocean
what if winds of fear capsize my ship!

what if I drown?

will u give me mouth to mouth?
will u pull me to the shore?

who am I kidding
when winds of fear sweep in
I will be rescued
If not by u then by another

embrace the winds of fear
feel the warm breeze
the cool chill

join me on the raft
float into the ocean
in a leaky raft
without a life vest

when winds of fear pass
storms of love roll in
we can drown together
when the storms of love
capsize our ship

drown in the storm of love
see that the winds of fear
barely rocked the boat

San Fran 5.09

San Fransisco 5.09