I had kind of a rough morning.   My dog ran away in the middle of the night (found), had a really hard time getting up, had a major emotional trigger becasue of my cyber stalking, and then i got ANOTHER speeding ticket on Aurora!  WTF!  Anyway, the super angsty poem came as a result.  I love creative expression!  I feel so much better!  🙂


DARKNESS 4.22.2010 (numerology 11)

darkness follows me
he lurks in the shadows
of my mind

he follows me down the street
with his long red cape
he’ll tackle me to the ground
beat me
leaving me bruised and bloodied

he waits for me backstage
he’ll draw back the curtain
i’ll be seen too soon

darkness follows you too ya know
the only reason he hasn’t found you yet
is because you wear too many masks
you hide yourself well