Dear Universe,

We need to have a little chat… you are WAY to sneaky! I ask you for things all the time and i have to say, you have been pretty good at delivering! The whole “new career” thing is coming along nicely… slowly… but it’s ok. It makes me feel safer that way anyway. However, this whole Love thing… i had a revelation this morning that we have not been speaking the same language! I have asked “to fall in love” and you keep bringing me these people who aren’t ready to fall back… then, this morning, i realized i have been asking for the wrong thing. I mean, technically, you totally delivered! I totally fell in the love! For sure once and almost a couple other times too! Ummm, the feelings just weren’t really reciprocated in the same way… today i realized that what i really want, now anyway, i have never really asked you for. And really, i guess i didn’t ask because i wasn’t really ready i guess… i am ready now… and that’s kind of a lie… part of me doesn’t feel ready, but i WANT to be ready and i am totally up for the challenge.

Universe, here is my new intention, what i am sending out to you: I want to be loved… i want to be loved in the same capacity that i am willing to love another. I am done trying to sweep people off their feet. I am ready to allow myself to be swept of my feet… i think i have earned it! 😉

So yeah, i could give you specifics about what i want this person to be like but let’s be real, you totally know. You know my life plans, you know where i envision my life going and the things i want to do and accomplish, bottom line, you know who i am looking for and who will fit nicely into the life i am creating for myself (the life i am allowing to be created ;-)… and i guess while i’m at it… well, i won’t asked specifically that this person be the One for the rest of this lifetime, but it would be nice. I’m kinda over all this meeting people and dating, and yadda yadda yadda…. it would be super awesome to only have to do it one more time. So yeah, that’s what i want. A stable, committed, loving, relationship… relatively “long term”, whatever that means… def more than a month or 2… i’d kinda like to get past the “courting” phase for once… so there you go, bring her (or him) on. I’m ready! I’m sorry i haven’t more clear in the past. I realize i have cursed you a lot for not bringing me what i never really asked for… my bad! I hope we’re clear now. 😉

Luv & Light,

p.s. Universe, after exchanging some comments with Desiree I realized that again, i may have mis-worded my intention… along with “being loved” i commit to allowing myself to receive the love you send my way…  but please, make it come from someone who will really fit into my life and not some random dude or chick who thinks i’m the best thing since sliced bread but has absolutely nothing in common with me!