Every now and i then i make a completely huge life changing decision on the spur of the moment that completely alter my course in Life.  The 1st one worked out well.   I blogged about it once before.  One day, in spring of 1999, I was sitting in my dorm room with some friends, drinking beer, getting ready to go to a party.  We were flipping channels and we landed on the NASA channel.  I saw the stunning view of Earth from outer space and i proclaimed to all my friends “That’s it, i want to be an astronaut!”.  Ugg, everyone laughed, i laughed, and then the next day week i filled out an application for the University of Minnesota.  From that time till now, 11 years, my focus/goals were all career/engineering/wanting to go to outer space related.

I have just made another decision that i AM 100% going to follow through with with the same commitment and prob even more passion, def more fear!   I decided last week i want to move to Hawaii, i just applied to volunteer at Kalani Oceanside Retreat on the Big Island.  I also talked to my boss and he is working to approve me for a 6 months leave of absence.    Obv i still need to get accepted as a volunteer and get the leave locked down but i am 95% sure both will happen…  it it obvious to me it is “meant to be”.   Also, i am not “planning” this but i wouldn’t be surprise if after this leave of absence i end up actually quitting all together…  in fact, i expect something will surface in the next 12 months which will make this easy to do, because God knows i want too!  God, you have 11 months to bring me a source of income, hop to it!  Nia and Photography at Kalani perhaps?  A paid position instead of a volunteer?  Or maybe my yet to be named (and created really)  movement modality will come to fruition?  music, movement, and mediation all working together… i think i know what it is called but i’m not ready to share just yet…   Wow, good-bye former life i guess!  Eeeek, i am SO excited!  All i am going to do at Kalani is Live, Laugh, and Love…. and dance, i am planning to dance my ass off all over that island!  🙂  I have a feeling it will be the beginning of the rest of my life… or at least t he beginning of the next decade of my life!  Yay!