I am clearing out the notes from my iphone, here are some little ditties i wrote on the run, had forgotten about, and/or that i never posted, in chronological order…

Sitting in Silence

i sit in silence and think of you
wondering what the future has in store for us two

i’m trying to stay present and not jump ahead
but all i can think of is a future with you
side by side, snuggling in my cozy bed

my love for you is infinite, intense, divine, and true
and all i can do it wait for you to come around
and feel the same way i do

but you might not
i realize that
my heart might get broken
it could end up as a puzzle piece tat
but i’m ok with that
your worth the possibility of an ocean of tears
i’m just going to keep loving you
without any fears

So Sad

i’m so sad
i’m so blue
how can i cope
without a friend like you


eyes closed
smile on my face
tingle in my heart
music in my ear
your face in my minds eye

could it possibly be happening so soon
while listening to your beautiful tune
you make my heart swoon

Where’s the Truth!?!

we sit
in the dip of the hill
in the center of my universe
look at

perfect alignment
sun and moon

there is Truth in that there drum
the dog knows
the One knows
someday more will know

there is Truth in that there voice
and in that there guitar
and that there guitar too
the One knows
the other One knows too
someday more will know

there is Truth in that there mind
no One really knows

there is Truth in that there dance
the One knows
the One feels it


there’s Truth in those there hearts
there’s Truth in the hearts of all the Ones
that’s the Truth

Will i ever find You?

will i ever find
what my heart desires

will i ever find
and open door

or will i always have to pry

will i ever find
and open book

where the words of her story
fall off the page
and pour into my
open book
finishing an unfinished chapter

will i ever find
One who will
dance through the day
dream through the night

One who will
call me on the phone
so i don’t feel alone

one who will
tell me what she is thinking
so my heart isn’t constantly sinking

One who knows
all things are possible
all visions are real
when seen through
the eyes of an open heart

Sweet Sensations

walkin’ down the street
life feels so sweet
colors smells tastes and sounds
hugging me from all around

birds chirping
singing their sweet song
when your eyes and heart are open
nothing can possibly be wrong

feelin’ my breath
moving in and out
it’s as good as free cookies
from a cute little girl scout

From the Lost and Found

your smile lights up my day
tingling warmth in my heart

how i long to caress your skin
and commit acts some may call a sin

the softness of your curves
completely unravels my nerves

my flower drips with sweet nectar
at the thought of your effervescent laughter