I’m posting this for Jingles Thursday Poets Rally.  I rarely share stuff that comes from a place of anger but i decide it’s time.   No emotions last forever, “This too shall pass”, and in this case, it has 🙂  Also, i think this is one of my favorite poems of mine so far!  it feels so intense to me when i read it back, almost like i don’t even know who wrote it… weird… yay for expression!


last week your were my inspiration
this week, freedom from thoughts of you
is my final destination
i’ve wanted to be free from you for a while now
but i’m always met with some hesitation

fate and truth told me you were mine
i can’t believe they lied to me
i can’t believe i made it all up in my mind
i can’t believe i was so fucking blind

it wasn’t meant to be
i can finally clearly see
there will never be a you and me
we will never be a we

you want things i no longer want
like kids and dicks
and a white picket fence made of sticks
you want to be stuck with mens pricks
when we were together we both liked chicks

you hold on to your own sadness
you wear that crown of thorns with pride
but i know what you are doing
you are just trying to hide

from yourself
your pain
the wicked thoughts in your mind
it’s much easier to blame me
than it is to look deep inside

your perception is flawed, my dear
a million monks could yell it from the rooftop
but you wouldn’t hear
because all you do is live in fear

you put down your guitar
you stopped playing your song
but it’s your purpose god damit
you’re not happy
you’re just wrong

you’re heading away from the light of day
you’re headed into the dark
shit man, darkness really calls to you huh?
it sings to you like a lark

lies have become your disguise
and i don’t want to a part of it
i hope this poem is the very last
of all my goodbyes