Bikram Yoga is totally rocking my world.   I’ve only been to 2 classes and i am totally hooked!  I feel clean, strong, and powerful.   It’s stillness, precision, silence, and discipline is a perfect combination with the movement, pumpin’ music, freedom, and creativity of Nia!  Check them out!  Find a class and go.  It will change your life!


Bikram Yoga

oh yeah, one more thing!  Get you spine checked!  I recommend an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.

In Seattle, check out Vitality Specific Chiropractic.  They changed my life!  They have a patient appreciation day coming up where you get an examination and xrays for FREE!  I think it is like a $350 value!  Check out the link!  Let them take your pain away!  🙂


ok, that concludes the advertisement portion of this post.   In more bloggy news, things are great.  I purged, cleansed, and am feeling a sense of calm and freedom.  It’s a combo of many things  i think 1) i stopped listening to music in the car.  Driving is my silent time.  It’s when i watch my mind.  I guess driving has become an active meditation for me!  (side note: driving to portland this weekend and i will be listening to music)  2) This yoga thing, i bought the groupon for the unlimited month of Bikrem quiet a while ago.  There were a few times i planned to start my month but i didn’t for whatever reason, now was def the right time for me to start.  3) I bought this CD called “In the Om Zone” that is freakin’ awesome and i am listening a lot… right now in fact… it is cool music technoy like music with chakra tones so you automatically balance while you listen!  Totally brings me a sense of calm!