enjoy the music links.  important part of the narrative.  They are also the “score” to a multimedia dance number i am putting together for spin the bottle, hopefully in December 🙂


once upon a time
there was a girl
and she only wanted
to dance and twirl

she spent her youth
dancing away
but when she went to college
she kinda went astray

she started chasing a dream
to go to the moon
but eventually realized
it wouldn’t happen any time soon soon

so she took a job
she was excited to start a new life
but soon after she started
her life was filled with strife

slowly she found her way
back to dance again
and along the way
she fell in love with her best friend

a broken heart
soon ensued
for months and months
she was completely subdued

but with time
she started to heal
dance became the medium
through which she started to feel

and now she stands
hands up to the sky
and she finally feels
she ready to fly