my wish

i want to build you a house
and give you the home you never had
i want to show you that life
doesn’t have to be so sad

sweeping ocean views
and maybe mountains too
we’ll climb to the top and sit
and dream about all we can do

the winds will whisper
the trees will talk
they will tell us a story
about a path that we can walk

we’ll plant our feet
our roots will grow
we’ll be strong and grounded
connected to what’s above and below

we’ll dance through the day
and dream though the night
and i’ll listen to you sing me a sweet song
when i feel scared and full of fright

will you come with me ?
will you take my hand?
will you remember who i am
and let your heart expand?

i know it can’t happen now
i know it will take more time
but i have no choice but to wait
for a love that is simply sublime