eeek, i’m getting braver.  Gotta throw what i want out there i guess.  what do you think, do i dare e-mail this to the person who inspired it… i seems like i have nothing to lose…  🙂


The Blur of Love

i miss everything you do
i want to wrap my arms around you

i want to sing and dance though the night
when you were in it, Life was never a fight

remember the candles flickering around
remember the shadows where we danced with no sound

remember laughing and holding each other tight
remember saying “I Love You”
even tho we were both scared and full of fright

remember the pictures taken and sent back and forth
remember that awesome song, North by North

remember g-chatting for hours on end
remember, that’s how you became my best friend

remember A Fine Frenzy
where we stood side by side
i looked at you when you had tears in your eyes

i asked what was making you sad
and you said you were just happy and glad

remember showing me your writing
the stuff you let no one else read
i felt like sharing with me made you feel freed

remember when i was the first
who you played guitar for while singing your song
remember, we made each other feel like we belong

remember when i shared with you
more than i had with anyone before
remember when you didn’t leave me
and you would listen to more

i wish for you to come back to me
i know we are meant to be together
oh i wish you could see

the feeling is so strong, i feel it way deep in my heart
i’ve got what i needed from this time apart

tell me you have too
please, lets connect again before i depart
i feel like now is a perfect time to start

many before me have gone a different route
but for me, you’re love is integral
about this i have no doubt

your a living expression
of my inspiration, my muse
faith that you will return to me
keeps me from feeling the blues

just you and i is all we need
we can be alone, peaceful, quiet and free

we’ll change the world
once piece of art at a time
it will be a wonderful life
up to the heavens we’ll climb

you will keep me grounded
you’ll help me keep my head on straight
and i will shower you will love an affection
i promise it will be great

i listen better than i did before
your path is your path
you chose if you want to walk through my door

i want nothing more than you as you are right now
you’re perfect
i love you as is
this is my solemn vow

don’t let what we had fade into a blur
i know you know it was special
it often felt perfect, as it were
Sam misses you too
he wants you to pet his fur  🙂


* Photo taken a lifetime ago, 1.15.2010