omg, i am having a lot of fun with this manifesting stuff.  I have started writing down (by hand) the things i want in life.  I LOVE dreaming!  This is what i would like to do most i think,  write a musical!  I have been thinking about this for months and months here and there… when i dated Ron he had this dream that he wanted writing a heavy metal musical.  I think that’s what planted the seed.  I just started thinking about how much i love musicals and stuff.  I would LOVE for my Life to be like a musical!  I would love my life to be like this.  I actually think about it a lot.  I think about going out on the town and strapping a little speaker system to myself and just dancing down the street instead of walking.  I imagine having music from my iphone playing in my purse and i just boogie down the isles at PCC. (and yes, i realized i could easily make these a reality by just making the choice to  do it but i don’t want to disturb people, and i don’t know if i want all the attention.  I’m sure some people would think it was awesome and some would want to punch me in the face, I just wish it was something everyone did!  I wish there were speaker on the streets blasting awesome music, maybe i should write that in my journal!  )  So yeah, musicals rock!   Anyway, yeah, Ron planted the seed and i starting thinking about trying to get the rights to RENT and turn it into a dance musical.   2 actors for each charactor on stage.  A singer and a dancer.  The singers are backlit and just do the singing and the staging is 100% dance.  The story it told through interpretative dance.  Ugg, i think it would be awesome!  I looked into it a tiny but but got discouraged.  Didn’t know any other dancers, didn’t have money to secure the rights, and even if i did, they prob wouldn’t let me change it that much.  It’s also pretty new and still running i think.    So yeah, that idea passed (although it is officially on the bucket list, even just a small local run).  Then today, my friend Raff from Twelfth Night Productions IMed me to check out a video on his FB page.  Turns out his friend made a 20 minute youtube musical.  It was so good!  I am really impressed and it totally inspired me!  It is called Frat: The Musical.  Check it out!  Frat: The Musical Part 1 and Frat: The Musical Part 2.  My friend Raff plays the douchy dude and he’s amazing at it  😉  It inpired me to think about writing a musical again so i decided to write it down in my journal.  I am really excited about the idea and what to share it.  Now remember, i’m a big dreamer!  🙂

Hello God, it’s me Lynn.  I would like to write a musical about my Life but i would like to be able to use music that is already written.  I would like to be able to get the rights to the songs for free.  I hope this will happen as a result of people seeing the youtube videos i’m going to make in hawaii that we discussed a few days ago.  Hopefully other artist will like what they see and produce/finance the whole project (although i get producing credit as well) and/or just donate the rights their songs.  Get on that, yo!  Thanks!  Love & Light, Lynn

so yeah, sounds fun huh?  stayed tuned. I’m really excited to see how my Life unfolds.  I’ve also been writing about having a certain someone come back into my life.  🙂

update:  I just read over this post again and i kind of cracked up how how i addressed God.  It seemed maybe a little cavalier, like maybe i should be more “worshipy” or something.  For me, i don’t think so.  For me my relationship with God is more of a partnership.  Almost like what you would have as a Lover, except i don’t really view my God as a lover at all.  I think about that a lot.  What God looks like to me.  Is it a he, and she, or an it… for some reason, i always some back to it’s a he (which is why he isn’t my lover).  I picture him as this older wiser guy, like a wizard chilling somewhere over the universe.  He not super huge or anything, he’s human sized and has a big pot (like a witch i guess) and even though the pot is just human sized, when he looks into he can see the whole universe… it’s his brew and he is just constantly stirring the pot.  And once you tap into him, you can ask him questions and he will give you signs and ideas.  And, we have an understanding.  I feel like i am here to serve a purpose for him, so he’s gotta hook me up a little!  50/50… well, prob more like 75/25… he got a lot more power than me.  We’ve gotten pretty close lately though and i feel like he is relinquishing a little control over to me.  He’s just an awesome dude, he’s fairly good looking too because even though i would never take him on as a lover i like to flirt with him and tease him a bit when i dance.  Maybe he looks something like the pic below.  Except totally not at all.  He doesn’t have the weapons, and he looks a bit softer and more loving.   I like the rest of the outfit though.  Coincidentally, this picture when i “save as” off of google is Pathfinder5-Wizard.jpg  Pathfinder, i like it!