where do i belong

where do i belong
i’m trying to figure out where i fit
do i belong with the meditaters
who just Be and sit?

do i belong with the dancers
shaking their stuff
getting attention
perfecting the bluff

do i belong with the scientists
hanging out in a lab
thinking up ideas
that i know will be fab

do i belong with the photographers
always with camera in tow
“your pictures are great”
it feeds my ego

do i belong in musical theater
the people are great
caring and loving
no sign of any hate

do i belong with the midwesterners
with whom i became who i am
all i know is if i hadn’t left
my life would not be this exam

do i belong with my Nia tribe
moving in joy
standing in back
acting all coy

do i belong with the dikes
sucking on boob
having some fun
with lots of lube

do i belong in the mainstream
always a drink in one hand
i don’t really want that any more
that life seems so bland

do i belong with the hippies
token on weed
pretended to think
that i’ve already been freed

do i belong with the philosophers
thinking about time
sharing my thoughts
putting them to rhyme

i don’t know
i guess i could make all of them fit
but none of them belong
in the Truth the i’ve hit

no matter where i go
no matter what i do
i truly believe
i belong most with you