I found these in my iphone notes last night.  I vaguely remember writing them on the run, i think maybe a few weeks ago?  I changed the note so the date got changed.

Flyin’ Free

flyin’ free
flyin’ fast
hope i can make
this moment last

the ups so up
dreams can come true
but the down
is probably coming back soon

this too shall pass
is tattooed on my arm
i’ve got to remember that
when my joy seems in harm

the cycles of life
so big and so small
time collapses on itself
and doesn’t exist at all

14 billion years coming to now
it’s a fucking miracle
and for the most part
humans have figured out how

but don’t think for a second
that we will ever know it all
for if we try to know too much
we will rise and we will fall


don’t do it

i know you were hurt
by some things i did and said
but don’t let that be the primary story
that lingers in your head

you deserve the light and love
that is abundant in my heart
i’ll do my nest to give you all you need
including time and space apart