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and they call it puppy love

and they call it puppy love

i love you more
than you could ever know
having you in my life
has allowed me to grow

you are alway there for me
when no one else is
you give me unconditional love
i feel for those that don’t know what that is

i know it’s unconditional
because i put up with a lot
like you pissing on my curtain
and begging for food and what not

you’re loud and aggressive at times
it jars me and makes me sad
but at other time you are so sweet and innocent
how can i ever stay mad

my heart sinks
because i will be leaving you soon
but grandma and grandpa will love you
i’m sure they will make your puppy heart swoon

and so enough
we will be reunited again
and we can live a rural live
without all these temptations for “sin”

we traveled together for countless lives
and i really think this will be out last
we’re coming to the end of Life’s strives

so stop whining
cuz it’s all gonna be great
cuz we are in touch with something
i am aware of our Life’s fate


Waiting to See

Waiting to See

i’m feeling kinda sad and alone
sitting here waiting for the phone
to ring so i know you care
even though i know i shouldn’t go there

everyday i’m back and forth
trying to figure out how i feel
about what resides up north

i know i need to be by myself
i’m walking a solitary path right now
i simply need to focus on my body and health

but i want it so bad
i can feel it in my bones
my heart wants to love another
it wants to sing and dance with Mother Earth’s tones

how do i release my desire for love
how to i gain the patience to just wait
till it is sent from up above

how do i stop creating stories of what could be
how do i stop thinking and just it back
and wait and see

i can taste the feeling of love in my heart
the joy and bliss make my mouth water
it’s like i am experiencing timeless art

but whatever, it is what it is
i’m not going to shed a tear
i’m gonna put a smile on my face
and go have a beer 🙂

Back to the Start

Back to the Start

i’m feeling warmth and joy in my heart
i think i’ve finally made it back to the start

i’m here all alone
no one loving me or holding me tight
and for the first time in a while
is feels so completely right

love of another made me forget
the love the i set out to find
when i first began this quest

now 12 months later
i’ve come back to the start
feeling safe and content
with the self love in my heart

i feel stronger now than ever before
at times i feared i would never make it
back to this door

but here i am
i’m walking through
with a clear intention
of what i need to do

keep focused on myself
keep doin’ what i do
because if i do i am quiet certain
that all my dreams will continue to come true 🙂



the sky was dark and heavy
it push down hard upon my head
but the chirping birds were singing
the sweet song erased all dread

the crows from high above
send out a warning call to all
welcome welcome welcome
it’s Mother Earth, how do you like fall?

fall my favorite season, i said
the leaves so colorful and bright
right before the world considers them dead
when there are so leave on trees in sight

and in between the calls
motorboats rolling
car engines rolling
music playing in the market
where all the people are strolling

rain sprinkles down on us
but we pay no mind
no need for an umbrella
no fuss

we are here to buy some flowers
to put in a lovely vase
so that every time i see them
a smile will come across my face

thank you Mother Earth
for all your glorious gifts
i start enjoying all weather
no more weather fits  🙂

I’m Ready Now

I’m Ready Now

i know your scared
to take this leap
i know your scared
that you won’t land on your feet

but listen to me
i’m going to tell you what is true
everything is going to be fine
you’re gonna make it through

the fear is not yours
it belong to your ego, your subconscious
as soon as you understand that
you can wake up from being unconscious

and when you wake up
you can start living from your heart
and joy and love will flow
as it was meant to from the start

don’t be scared
of what you don’t know
not knowing is the most intimate
you will reap what you sow

so always be open
when oddities come into your life
because the more you ignore them
the more you life will be filled with strife

get ready
for what you don’t know
open your eyes
and watch everything grow

i’m only here to love you
and to make the world a better place
so join me, lets do it together
lets rid the world of this yucky taste!  🙂