I’m Ready Now

i know your scared
to take this leap
i know your scared
that you won’t land on your feet

but listen to me
i’m going to tell you what is true
everything is going to be fine
you’re gonna make it through

the fear is not yours
it belong to your ego, your subconscious
as soon as you understand that
you can wake up from being unconscious

and when you wake up
you can start living from your heart
and joy and love will flow
as it was meant to from the start

don’t be scared
of what you don’t know
not knowing is the most intimate
you will reap what you sow

so always be open
when oddities come into your life
because the more you ignore them
the more you life will be filled with strife

get ready
for what you don’t know
open your eyes
and watch everything grow

i’m only here to love you
and to make the world a better place
so join me, lets do it together
lets rid the world of this yucky taste!  🙂