the sky was dark and heavy
it push down hard upon my head
but the chirping birds were singing
the sweet song erased all dread

the crows from high above
send out a warning call to all
welcome welcome welcome
it’s Mother Earth, how do you like fall?

fall my favorite season, i said
the leaves so colorful and bright
right before the world considers them dead
when there are so leave on trees in sight

and in between the calls
motorboats rolling
car engines rolling
music playing in the market
where all the people are strolling

rain sprinkles down on us
but we pay no mind
no need for an umbrella
no fuss

we are here to buy some flowers
to put in a lovely vase
so that every time i see them
a smile will come across my face

thank you Mother Earth
for all your glorious gifts
i start enjoying all weather
no more weather fits  🙂