and they call it puppy love

i love you more
than you could ever know
having you in my life
has allowed me to grow

you are alway there for me
when no one else is
you give me unconditional love
i feel for those that don’t know what that is

i know it’s unconditional
because i put up with a lot
like you pissing on my curtain
and begging for food and what not

you’re loud and aggressive at times
it jars me and makes me sad
but at other time you are so sweet and innocent
how can i ever stay mad

my heart sinks
because i will be leaving you soon
but grandma and grandpa will love you
i’m sure they will make your puppy heart swoon

and so enough
we will be reunited again
and we can live a rural live
without all these temptations for “sin”

we traveled together for countless lives
and i really think this will be out last
we’re coming to the end of Life’s strives

so stop whining
cuz it’s all gonna be great
cuz we are in touch with something
i am aware of our Life’s fate