Waiting to See

i’m feeling kinda sad and alone
sitting here waiting for the phone
to ring so i know you care
even though i know i shouldn’t go there

everyday i’m back and forth
trying to figure out how i feel
about what resides up north

i know i need to be by myself
i’m walking a solitary path right now
i simply need to focus on my body and health

but i want it so bad
i can feel it in my bones
my heart wants to love another
it wants to sing and dance with Mother Earth’s tones

how do i release my desire for love
how to i gain the patience to just wait
till it is sent from up above

how do i stop creating stories of what could be
how do i stop thinking and just it back
and wait and see

i can taste the feeling of love in my heart
the joy and bliss make my mouth water
it’s like i am experiencing timeless art

but whatever, it is what it is
i’m not going to shed a tear
i’m gonna put a smile on my face
and go have a beer 🙂