this is a new poetry “category” i am calling “Connections”.  The poems are just about some of my  opinions on things based on my personal experience.  enjoy 🙂

connection I

i have to do it
to make a believer out of you
i have to do it
so you’ll listen when i tell you what is true

body-mind connection
is what it’s all about
if your in pain your body is telling you something
that pain is your bodies shout!

your not supposed to just live with it
it not just the way it is
your body is calling to be healed
Life’s answers are calling to be revealed

your bodies holding on to your past
even though you think in your mind
you’ve let it go
get to the source and make a connection
then your life will begin to flow

align your spine and chakras
and your life will begin to change
get up and start moving
experience the limits of your bodies range

your body is your temple
your body is your prayer
breath with it everyday
feel the sensation of the air